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As lawful consideration towards the services rendered at JUMP KIDS PLAY CENTRE, and by its agents, owners, officers, employees, representatives and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf (hereinafter referred to as ‘JUMP’), I hereby and on behalf of myself, my heirs, agents, assigns and representatives agree to the terms set out below:

  1.  I understand and acknowledge that these terms of use of the services, as rendered by JUMP, and waiver with respect thereto (‘Waiver Letter’) shall be effective on and from either me, my child(ren) or any other person along with us as a part of our group enters the JUMP KIDS PLAY CENTRE, at the address located at 1st Floor, Fidvi Complex A, Behind Saraf Chambers, Sadar, Nagpur-440001 (“Premises”).

  2. I hereby represent and agree that I have full authority as a parent or as a legal guardian of the minor participant to bind the minor participant to the terms of this Waiver Letter and all such waiver and promises herein shall be binding on that minor participant.

  3. I hereby represent and agree that my participation in any activities at the Premises is entirely voluntary in nature and in full cognizance of any and all risks that may be involved in such participation.

  4. I hereby, on behalf of myself and each person that enters the Premises along with me or my child(ren), voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless JUMP from and against any and all liability, lawsuits, damage, losses, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees), demands, actions or right of action, which may be caused to/raised against or suffered by JUMP, directly or indirectly, or which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected, with me or my child(ren)’s participation in any activities at JUMP.

  5. I hereby certify that I will personally bear the costs of any injury or damage to myself or my child(ren). Further, in case of any emergency, I also understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for taking appropriate action to seek medical treatment and all costs and/or expenses associated with such treatment shall be borne by me. In the event, if I fail to seek appropriate medical treatment for my child(ren), JUMP reserves the right, but not an obligation, to obtain any and all treatment which it deem appropriate for the welfare of such child(ren). I hereby agree and acknowledge that I shall refund or reimburse JUMP for all costs or expenses incurred by JUMP for such treatment.

  6. I further understand and acknowledge that IT IS SOLELY my responsibility to take proper and due care for my child(ren) and supervise all of their activities at JUMP. I agree to ensure that my child(ren) behaves in a manner that is safe and courteous and that he/she does not pose a risk of injury or threat to themselves or any other participants at JUMP.

  7.  I hereby understand and acknowledge that failure to properly supervise my child(ren), allowing them/myself to engage in any unethical, unacceptable, improper action/act/conduct/behaviour, shall result in imposition of fine or in the removal of myself or my child(ren) without any refund or credit. The decision of JUMP, in this regard, shall be final and binding.

  8.  I hereby agree and acknowledge that in the event if I procure food from the JUMP CAFÉ, I understand that the same may cause an allergic reactions to myself or my child(ren) and JUMP shall in no way be held liable for the same.

  9. I hereby understand and agree that it shall be my responsibility to assess my and my child’s health before participating in any activity at JUMP. Further, I represent that I and my child(ren) are in good health and have had no known exposure to COVID-19 and no symptoms of COVID-19 for at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to visiting JUMP. I acknowledge that if I or my child(ren) have had any exposure to COVID-19 or if I/they are in any way suffering from flu, fever or any contagious infection, I and my child(ren) should not enter the Premises. In this regard, JUMP shall not be liable in any way, for any illness which is caused or spread by/from me or my child’s(ren) voluntary action of entering the said Premises.

  10. I hereby acknowledge that the activity(ies) at JUMP during and after the COVID-19 pandemic involves certain inherent risks and dangers, which can result in serious infection, personal injury or death. While protocols and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury, illness, and even death is not possible to fully mitigate.

  11. I acknowledge that JUMP is making its best efforts to reduce the risk associated with the transmission of COVID-19. But the safety of the community is in the hands of every one of us. I hereby permit JUMP to screen me/my child(ren) for fever, to run disinfecting procedures or any other measures considered crucial to disease prevention/spread. I will wholeheartedly co-operate in all such measures especially imposed in the wake of Covid-19. This includes wearing masks and socks wherever compulsory and following all general rules as mandated and/or recommended by the government of India, in his regard.

My electronic authorisation indicates that I have had a sufficient opportunity to read this entire Waiver Letter and have understood its terms and hereby agree to the same. In the absence of my electronic or physical authorisation to this Waiver Letter, I shall be deemed to be bound by this Waiver Letter upon accessing the Premises as a copy of the same has been provided to me upon accessing the Premises or print outs of the same are displayed in the Premises.

Liability Release: FAQ
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