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There was magic, and then we grew up! Right? In the race for ‘success’ and an endless pursuit to ‘prepare’ our kids for a highly competitive world that prioritizes the ability to hoard information above all else, do we sometimes forget that nothing of lasting value or substance can be built on a foundation of emotional instability or a lack of space for imagination. And this is why Play is so essential to childhood! To quote Maria Montessori, ‘Play is the work of childhood’, preparing the ground for successful adulthood through invaluable development in all those aspects which an education centered on academics alone can only strive to impact as deeply.

Children are natural explorers, and this presents us with a tremendous opportunity to enrich their experience and understanding, making them more willing, more ready recipients of conventional education, while also shaping them as future adults with a solid EQ (Emotional Quotient) & SQ (Social Quotient).

At JUMP, we’ve endeavoured to create an intersection of childlike fantasy and real life skills – a world that is both a getaway from the humdrum of daily life and also a platform for learning. The vibrant design of our facility screams imagination while the pretend play in particular seeks to build some active life skills- its handpicked selection of play elements acting as prompts for kids to interact, negotiate and problem-solve. It is nothing short of amazing to watch and listen as the kids dramatize grown-up life, the scores of ways in which they creatively extract play from a simple toy and the manner in which they learn social etiquette, sharing or even sorting out an argument without adult mediation.

Our Soft Play and Toddler Zones house play elements in every nook and cranny, from sensory wall panels to magnetic tiles, Lego, resources for gross motor skills, physical play elements and more! We believe in rotating our pretend theme and toys so there’s always something new for the kids to explore when they come in! We’ve packed in as much play as possible in our limited space and are certain you will be amazed at how big a heart this hole-in-the-wall play facility has 🙂

We also don’t believe in sitting still, so do watch out for our special activities and workshops which enjoy immense popularity and trust. We consider keeping the kids’ hands and brains busy our biggest responsibility and are always on the lookout for creative ways to entertain, teach and learn together!

While it may not seem so at first glance, parents are equally an aspect we have considered during the conceptualization of JUMP. We have deliberately built in transparency between the play zones to ensure kids remain within the parents’ line of vision as far as possible, thereby ensuring some stress-free off-time for them too! Parents are welcome to enjoy some time off in our cafe catching up with work or friends. We love to see you relax while the kids play!

JUMP was my way as a parent to create a setting for kids and parents alike, a social meeting point that also doubles up as a safe, sanitized, well thought-out play destination for kids. JUMP is built on a foundation of love and an unadulterated passion to spark joy, above all else! We are immensely grateful for the love and appreciation Nagpur has showered on us and hope to keep spreading more smiles. See you at play!!

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